About Abhyudaya

Abhyudaya is a Life coaching initiative started by Jaya Bhateja in 2013.

Abhyudaya is a Sanskrit word which means “Elevation”. Through Abhyudaya,ourpurpose is to build self-sufficiencies in Youth by connecting individuals to their inner self and strengths resulting in maximizing their potential”.

Abhyudaya elevatesand empower them in their thought process and beliefs resulting in bringing clarity to the end goaland support them to build a focused approach to achieve their goals with enhanced focus,motivation, contentment and happiness.

Abhyudaya focuses on unleashing potential of youth through coaching methodology. As per International Coach Federation (ICF) , coaching can help you achieve your professional and personal goals with great speed and satisfaction.

Due to the environmental conditioning most of the youth, parents and educators focus on tactical aspects like building a career, finding a good job etc which when achieved lose its meaning as most of the times either it is not aligned to the strength of the individual or it’s not aligned to the larger purpose of their life and that’s the reason why we see lot of people either making career shifts or somehow managing in their current reality.

Looking at the demands of today’s competitive; we noticed that the Youth of today need more of self- awareness and purpose than the advice about how to make decisions.
With the world heavily depending on the technology for everything, the youth today has unlimited information in their hands every time. The peer pressure, the demands of growing world, aspirations, need to have more money is all leaving them disoriented and purposeless.

Through Abhyudaya, we are dedicated to support youth to learn about their personal grounding and natural strengths. And help them design a life with a purpose so that they can create a productive and contented life.

While there are lots of options available to students through counselling, a step back for them is to know what theywant. And what are the areas where they can perform the best? Being different individuals we all possess some natural strength and these strengths, if harnessed, can help us create a life which is wealthy in terms of money, happiness, satisfaction and fame.

Since youth is dependable on multiple support systems in the society, it becomes imperative for the support system to activate the support component to bring this vital change and hence we spend time with parents and educators to be partners in this empowering and life changing process for the youth.

Meet our coaches

Jaya Bhateja

Youth Coach, Mentor, Writer, Learning and Development Professional

Jaya brings over 10 years of strong experience in Human resources, Learning & Development and Coaching. She has worked with organizations like Siemens & Accenture, which has exposed her to the psychological and lifestyle needs of young generation. Inspired from real life experiences she has dedicated herself to support youth to impact the new generations and society.

Her coaching approach blends the best concepts from business, positive psychology, Neuroscience, sports and spirituality making it unique experience for the people she supports. Her clients experience personalized attention and complete partnership while working with her. Logged over 900 hours of coaching experience, she is focused about empowering her clients.

She is a mother of a boy and leverages her experience, knowledge and experience to optimize parenting at home. In leisure time Jaya enjoys reading, music, travel &cooking! She also likes writing on various topics and her views can be visited on her blog site

Through Abhyudaya, Her purpose is to build self-sufficiency in youth and parents to be able to create a better and empowered tomorrow.