What is a Family Coach/Parenting Coach/Children Coach and what do I do?


Dear All, since I received a lot of queries about what is a Family Coach/Parenting Coach/Children Coach and what do I do? I thought of dropping a short note on this for everyone’s benefit.

I am a family coach. The only Purpose of a coach and a coaching profession is: To bring the best in an individual/family/client. The Coach is a partner for anyone in the family who would like to work with the coach to find solutions.

There is no element of giving advice to families; in fact the coaching process empowers the family members to take their own decisions because they themselves are the best ones to know what works for them. Coaching/Life coaching is a positive, productive process for those who are willing to make a change or create new realities in their lives by investing in themselves.

The qualified coach can analyze the situation/issue from a third and neutral qualified perspective without judging and giving advice to the individual. Then the coach helps the individual to think, devise and discover useful strategies that can work for them to create a positive change.


What does a coach do in a coaching process?

• Deeply listen and help the individual or family to reflect through the powerful question in the qualified presence of a coach.

• Gives you the opportunity to see yourself in a different light you have never seen yourself

• Provides you the non-judgmental feedback required for you to move forward

• Hold you accountable for things you promised you will deliver for yourself

• Work with you as a partner in your journey to make YOU successful • Brings the right tools and approaches to help YOU move towards achieving YOUR goal.

• Help children/parents create vision about the families/relationships /career/life etc. anything that they want to achieve.

• Engages in activities like goal setting, action plan, partnering towards changing some habits, creating new habits, creating a vision of a life or career or relationship. Helping the individual create a strong life.

Coaches have ethical and confidentiality clause, which they sign while starting to work with you.

Myths about Life coaching, which are blocking families to try out coaching:

•It’s same as counseling: Please note that it’s not like counseling, both the processes have different purpose and outcomes.

•If I have a good friends/families to listen to me why should I go to a life coach? Coach is a unique combination of a professional approach, No advice giving, Non-judgmental professional to support you with what you want versus what others want you to do.

•It’s just a new fad in the market: Coaching has been existing from ancient times, with the lifestyles getting complex, choices multiplying and families shrinking, it’s the best approach available for bringing positive change.