• With the world becoming complex, do you think the significance of self-awareness is becoming a critical part of today’s educational needs?
  • Do you think with the meaning of career changing every day it is critical for the students to connect with the inner reality versus looking outward and making tempting choices?
  • Do you aspire to contribute to a student’s life in a long term and sustainable way?
  • Would you like your students to learn the skills that are relevant forever?

IMG-20150416-WA0030Since Teacher’s are an important part of the ecosystem of student’s development and growth, it is important that they participate in the process to be able to influence their life process.
Being an educator brings lots of responsibility to contribute in shaping up a student’s life through the mind full teachings. With the meaning of career changing everyday it is becoming very essential for teachers to focus on deepening the personal grounding of the student to enable the focused mind set, decision making abilities, identification of individual’s strengths and potential.Our process brings Teachers, Parents and Youth together to be able to support the progress of child’s life journey. Reach out for the first introductory session which is offered complimentary to learn about Abhyudaya and its benefits for you.


Name of the Workshop: Teacher to Coach
Duration: 1 Days

Learn how to enable your students to find their own answers for complex issues of life/career/relationships

Learn the technique of mindfulness which help students to become effective & influential in their respective roles

Gain awareness of teaching style to be able to adapt to their student’s learning style & be a partner in students life journey

Supporting self-awareness of students is the lifelong contribution to their well being


Coaching has not been leveraged in the area of youth in India so far, by leveraging this method; the schools/educators can differentiate themselves from competition and standout by contributing for student’s lifelong empowerment process.

By focusing on strengths of students, you can produce highly motivated, empowered, energized and creative students meeting the purpose of an educational setup finally resulting in achieving standard of excellence

1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

    • Connect with expert coaches 1-to-1 to be able to discuss and explore possibilities of your student’s potential
    • Discuss specific cases which are very capable to support them become successful and empowered



  • Opportunity to deep dive into personalized experience
  • Opportunity for you to maximize yours and your student’s life and future