• Do you find your child intelligent in studies however disillusioned about his/her future?
  • Are you concerned about supporting them create a meaningful life rather than just helping them do higher studies or finding a good job?
  • Do you think it is important to do what we are good at versus following the trend?
  • Is the inner satisfaction more important to you versus creating an artificial flashy life?

IMG-20150416-WA0032Most of the parents ask these questions to themselves at some point in time. For some parents these questions are critical and need to be resolved immediately in order to support their children with a meaningful life .At the other hand, some parents do not pay attention to these questions and let their children make decisions based on the immediate reality versus the overall picture of their life, strengths, potential and aspirations which finally land in a situation of chances versus choices.

In order to positively impact youth’s life it is important that the coaching process is supported by the parents at home. We engage with parents to help them learn about their child’s learning style and bring awareness about their parenting style to be able to recognize the behaviors which can positively impact the relationship.


So, What’s your pick? Chance or choice?

Irrespective of which stage your child is at, you can make a choice to support them by adopting some of the coaching methods which not only support the growth of your child but also support you to create a happy, strong family. Based on the needs, we support parents through workshops and one-to-one sessions. Reach out for the first introductory session which is offered complimentary to learn about Abhyudaya and its benefits for you .



Name of the Workshop: My Child My Best Friend
Duration: 1 Days

Know your strengths as parents and how you can leverage them to strengthen your relationship with your children. Recognize you’re parenting styles and adapt to the child’s learning style in a win-win manner. Learn to support your child like a best friend by learning to deal with the barriers of relationship. Learn the art of empowering your children to be able to connect with them in strong and sustainable way. Address common challenges with the help of experts and other parents.


  • Strong empowering relationships with the child to enable a progressing mindset
  • Make parenting an satisfying experience
  • Add value to your child’s overall life in the best way possible
  • Empower your children for the unpredictable times coming ahead
  • Prepare your child with a mind to enable efficient decisions making process for their lives now and forever

1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

  • Connect with expert coaches 1-to-1 to discuss and explore possibilities of your child’s potential and life
  • Learn how to adapt to your child’s learning style to keep the relationships healthy.



  • Support your child in creating the life design and realizing their strengths and potential
  • Be a partner in your child’s life success by gifting them the critical skills of decision making & focus
  • Resolve personalized issues through coaching process
  • Learn to empower your relationships to create a strong and sustainable relationship with your children