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The ‘aha’ moments, the comfort provided by having someone I totally trusted supporting me and really listening, the level of clarity it provided me and the significant shift in my perspective has brought positive thinking in me.

Jaya makes very good use of tools (including emotional de-layering, visualization, meditation exercises) and at appropriate times in the coaching process. This really helped me move forward as well as providing clarity for me. In addition, she has a very calm demeanor and approach which I personally found very helpful in creating a trusting environment and one in which I had space to reflect. I also never felt rushed to get there – Jaya was very patient and from this I take that she successfully reached all judgment and allowed me to find my own answers, in my own time. Her questioning skills are extremely good, they never carry judgment and I always felt progress was made in the session. Her positive Thinking and positive approach towards life adds a strong flavor to the whole coaching process..

Jaya has a calming effect and the interaction we had together was very constructive helping me grow and move forward and think of alternate options instead of getting stuck in a single track.

On the personal level she has helped me gain my confidence. I realized through the sessions that I am living in denial and she supported me to come out of the denial and start focusing on myself as an individual. I have reflected on lot of things as an individual which has given me a window to start working on these issues.”

I had multiple priorities and issues to address – these ranged from business, family. I needed coaching to help clarify and set me on a course to resolve these issues..

I learnt about my beliefs and habits that were coming on the way. I could learn to shift perspective for future and gained awareness about myself. This awareness would help me deal with my personal and professional matters.

Jaya did a remarkable job in helping me confront each of these issues in a structured manner to help challenges in a short period of time address all of these .The highlights were resolution and closure to all the issues that were tabled for discussion.
Excellent listening and presence, calmness and quick comprehension of my issues, apprehensions, emotions and aspirations. Jaya exhibited all these and was also not shy to challenge me in exploring new alternatives in a non-judgmental way. The awareness gained in this course about myself on various aspects is very helpful. I shall be able to manage my upcoming issues with the same.”.

Using Visualization and melding different perspectives, Jaya helped me gain clarity on what dictated my actions and choices in my professional life. Through the coaching process I was able to discover the behaviors and values that shaped my actions. Jaya is a great listener and one of the benefits of her coaching was, gaining a sense of validation that I was on the right ‘path’ in my life in general..