• Do you feel that you deserve something significant in your life but don’t know what?
  • you think you have big aspirations but not sure how to achieve them?
  • Are you confused about what youare capable of?
  • Do you think you want to have a clear plan of your lifeand do not want to waste time, money & energy in hits and trials?

We work with youth from 16 years onward to support them in their life journeys .Our purpose is to build self-sufficiency in them by helping them realize their strength, purpose, dream and potential so that they can confidently move forward on their life path.


Our life coaching process help them identify their end goals and support them see life as a complete system to be able to design the kind of life they desire and then work towards achieving those goals with precision and focus.

By clarifying the end goal, supporting them through their journey, they are able to enjoy other important components of their life along with progressing on their desired goal.

Based on the needs, we support youth through Workshops and one-to-one sessions. The details of both can be find below. Additionally you can reach out for the first introductory session which is offered complimentary to learn about Abhyudaya and its benefits for you .


Name of the Workshop: Hero of my life!
Duration: 2 Days

The “Hero of my Life” workshop provides youth with the important tools to get clear about their life vision to enable the design of their desired life and recognize their strengths. Second half of the workshop is dedicated to chalk out an action plan to stay committed. The purpose is to empower the youth and support them in their life journey .The workshop is a starting point to initiate the self-awareness process so that we can build the self-sufficiency in the youth for the unpredictable life coming ahead.

Our process support them to know themselves better and discover some of the beliefs , habits, thoughts which might be blocking them to move forward in their lives and work on themselves in a way that support them throughout life.


  • The individual discover key elements of his/her life early enough to save huge amount of money, time & energy.
  • By creating focus, we support them in reaching their goals faster.
  • With our process the time, money and energy investment is focused helping youth create balance with other important aspects of life like hobbies& relationships resulting in creating a happy and contented life.
  • Creating empowered youth impacts the families, society& country positively
  • An Individual becoming a better decision maker can benefit them to become an efficient individual in all aspects of their life resulting in gaining multifold from their life

1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

Connect with expert coaches 1-to-1 to be able to explore their potential and life as whole. Create sustainable plans of action and seek support through the coach’s expertise. Create the kind of life they want and learn how to get everything that they want.

  • Create personal life design which includes their aspirations, desires, thought process
  • Partner with an expert coach to be able to reach their goals faster and receive all the resources and support they need to reach their goal
  • Excel in their life with the support of creative tools shared by the coaches during the journey
  • Gain success faster and enjoy success and life well in time
Reach out for the first introductory session which is offered complimentary to learn about Abhyudaya and its benefits for you .